Can I Steam My Hair Everyday? (Tips and Guide)

If you are interested in steaming your hair, then this article will be exceedingly useful for you. You may have some queries about the usage of the hair steamer, to what extent it can be used in a week, whether to use it every day, how to use it, and even more. This article will clear all your doubts regarding the best hair steamer and also suggest you some checks before buying a hair steamer for personal use.

Can I Steam My Hair Everyday?

A hair steamer is an electric appliance that uses water and heat to produce the steam. Some moist levels of heat will be generated from the ship, and that helps to lift the cuticle of the temporarily. This process is to penetrate the moisture as per your conditioner. Hair steamer will not make your hair dry. It is designed in a way to add some moisture to your cuticles. It can be used as a treatment or just for styling your hair with the steam.

Stunning Benefits of Hair Steaming

Steam My Hair Everyday

Hair steamer usage has various benefits. The significant advantage of the use of hair steamer is the adding of moisture content to the hair. This benefits mainly the curly hair as it allows the hair to adjust to different styles and also avoids breakage of hair. Here is a list of some other benefits of using the steamer. It opens the cuticles of the hair to allow nutrients to penetrate deep inside the nose. The hair will turn softer than ever while using the naturally available hair steamer.

Using a hair steamer will improve the range of elasticity of the hair. It is mainly needed for the curly hair to stretch and bend easily and to adapt it for different styles. It enhances curl definition, especially in the curly hair. A natural hair steamer can add extra moisture for curl definition. It helps in removing dandruff and also the itchy scalp. The heat from the steam will kill the bacteria quickly. It helps to maintain porosity by allowing the water vapor to reach the hair strands to retain moisture for a long time. It helps in promoting the growth of the hair. The moisture content helps in encouraging hair growth and also healthy. The best hair steamer will help you from the detangling hair.

Basic Types of Hair Steamers

When you are going to the purchase of the hair steamer, you will notice some four types, such as portable tabletop, handheld, hair steamer for professional use with stand and cap hair steamer. Most of the people are very familiar only with the professional hair steamer used in the salon. It is a hair steamer with a free-standing hood with a rotating base. It will be effortless as we can move as per our requirement. The shade of the hair steamer if adjustable fully, and it attaches perfectly over the whole head. Thus, the steam can be done in the full hair at once itself. It is costly and also bulkier. It will be difficult to store if you use it in the house.

Table Top steamer

Table Top steamer, which is portable, will be the best option for home use. The base of the ship is placed above the table, and there is a hood. The most beneficial feature of this steamer is that it is a 2 in 1 face and also a hair steamer. It is low expensive and can be used as a perfect alternative for the professional ones.

It is also effortless to store. As it is hooded, it cannot cover the whole area of the head, mainly the bottom of the neck portion.Handheld hair streamer, as per the name it is minimal and can be used by hand itself. It is used to steam some small portion of your head at a time. It does not cover the entire area, as it is minimal. They are compact, and thus, it will be useful for storage. It is cost-efficient, and it will be a better option, which will be easily affordable.

The cap hair streamer

The cap hair streamer is a portable steamer that can be either used through electricity or not used through power. It is generally a cap which is worn during steaming and can be removed. It is prevalent among the users as it is very portable and easy to usage; available at a little cost, but it cannot produce that much moisture produced by other types of steamers.

Some Important Checks to make Before Purchasing

Availability of Adjustment in Heat settings: There are many steamers in which there will be the settings to adjust the level of the heat. It helps us in controlling the steam temperature.

Availability of Timer and Automatic Stop: There are steamers which have the timer set in to make us relax during the steaming process. It will automatically let you know the completion of the process. Some ships will stop automatically when the level of the water lowers. This is to prevent the hair steamer from heating over.

Availability of Adjustable Hood: There will be a hood that can be adjustable to keep it in the best suitable position as per your height. This hood will swivel and tilt according to your move. It is significantly helped while you are steaming the curly hairs. It also helps in steaming the curls near the neck, the most tedious area to steam.


Thus after realizing these benefits as mentioned above in hair steaming, it is better to use the hair streamer regularly to get amazing results. As we saw earlier, it can be made easily in your home itself with affordable steamers. But everything has a limit, and if overused, it will raise a new problem. Thus it is advisable to steam once or twice in a week, which makes your hair look hydrated and also plump. For such reasons, you need to get the best hair steamer that is available in the market after doing a proper research.

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